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  • Blog Post: "The War for Late Night" reveals Disney's role in the Leno / O'Brien debacle

    It's now considered one of the great PR disasters of 2010. The way that NBC totally mismanaged its Jay Leno / Conan O'Brien situation. Which ultimately resulted in Conan bolting for TBS , a significantly battered & bruised Jay resuming his duties as host of " The Tonight Show "...
  • Blog Post: Monday Mouse Watch: Meet Alan Bergman, Disney’s leader of the brand

    All of you “ Pirates of the Caribbean ” fans who have been feeling seasick ever since Johnny Depp said that his interest in appearing in a fourth installment of this film series had waned can now breath a bit easier. According to what Bob Iger said last Thursday during The Walt Disney Company’s fourth...
  • Blog Post: Monday Mouse Watch : Waiting for the "Dawn"

    Do you recall that shindig that Walt Disney Studios held at the Kodak Theatre back in September. Where the 26 movies that the Mouse House now has in the works -- among them highly anticipated sequels like " Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ," " Toy Story 3 ," " National Treasure 3 " and " Tron 2 " -- were...
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