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  • Blog Post: Tune Tuesday : Meet the (Julie) Andrews Sisters

    Barry S. of Stowe, VT writes in to say: Dear Jim - Since you're such a fan of visual effects , I was wondering if you've seen Christina Aguilera 's new video, " Candyman ". Didn't the effect artists who worked on this production do a great job ? The digital doubling of Christina looks seamless to me...
  • Blog Post: "Tarzan : The Broadway Adventure" chronicles the misfire of Disney Theatrical's latest musical

    I have to admit that I was somewhat startled by " Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure " (Disney Editions, March 2007). Copyright 2007 Disney Editions By that I mean: Given that this behind-the-scenes book was written by Michael Lassell (Who did such a nice job with " Disney on Broadway: Aida, The Lion King...
  • Blog Post: Monday Mouse Watch : Did Zac Efron's prima donna act cost him the lead in "Speed Racer"?

    As any 10-year-old can tell you, " High School Musical " 's anthem is "We're All in This Together." Well, tween favorite Zac Efron clearly needs to give the soundtrack of that hugely popular TV movie another listen. Given how badly he's allegedly been behaving during the shooting of the sequel to this...
  • Blog Post: A special wearing-of-the-green edition of Why For

    Gaelic Gary G. writes in to say: In honor of St. Patrick's Day , could you please share a few stories about my favorite Disney fantasy film, " Darby O'Gill and the Little People ?" Well ... What I always found intriguing about this Robert Stevenson movie is how long Walt Disney Productions had this project...
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