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  • Blog Post: How Don Rickles became Mr. Potato Head's voice for Disney Pixar's "Toy Story" films

    In honor of Super Bowl Sunday (that annual television event that turns tens of millions of us into couch potatoes, when we wolf down handful of greasy potato chips and/or platters full of toppings-laden potato skins), I thought that - today - it might be appropriate to pay tribute to that most cinematic...
  • Blog Post: The "Toy Story 3" that you didn't get to see

    Looking for something fun to do with the family after you finish Thanksgiving dinner? Well, why not toss a copy of " Toy Story 3 " into the Blu-ray player. Where you can then learn about what happens to poor Buzz Lightyear once he begins malfunctioning and then has to be sent to Taiwan in order...
  • Blog Post: Lotso fun was had at Pixar's Cartoon Art Museum fundraiser

    So what was it like to attend this year's Cartoon Art Museum fundraiser at Pixar Animation Studios ? Well, for starters, given that work is already underway on that 155,000 square foot building that's being added to the Emeryville campus, event attendees had to find another way enter this 21...
  • Blog Post: "Toy Story 3" gets put on ice tomorrow at Lakeland Center

    " Toy Story 3 ," you've just crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office . How are you going to celebrate? "I'm going to Disney On Ice ." Or - rather - Pixar's latest hit is about to become an ice show. Which will actually have its world premiere tomorrow afternoon...
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