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    Jeannine B. writes in to say: I have a friend who worked in the Character Department at the Magic Kingdom back in the 1980s. She has lots of great stories about what it was like to be a member of the Zoo Crew back then. But one of the stranger ones that my friend tells is about when Michael Eisner wouldn't...
  • Blog Post: The Disneyland that You Almost Got: Big Town USA

    MonkFan wrote in to say: I really enjoyed that “ TRON attraction that Disneyland almost got ” you wrote earlier this month. So I was wondering if you have any more stories about rides & attractions that almost got built at the Parks that you could share. Maybe something about my favorite part of...
  • Blog Post: Tune Tuesday: Looking back on the creation of "Captain EO"

    Rick Rothschild still remembers when he got that phone from Michael Eisner’s office back in 1985. “Eisner wanted us to come up with some concepts to show George Lucas and Michael Jackson. Michael was hoping that he could get these two to collaborate with the Imagineers on a new 3D movie for the Parks...
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