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  • Blog Post: It took a smarter-than-the-average animation supervisor to make "Yogi Bear"

    What was the toughest part of riding herd on all of the CG artists at Rhythm & Hues who worked on " Yogi Bear " ? According to Alex Orrelle , the Animation Supervisor on this new Warner Bros ' live-action/computer animated 3D adventure, it was actually when he had to persuade his crew...
  • Blog Post: How sometimes being in the wrong place is the right thing to do

    BoagaloonsFanNo1 writes in to say: I just found this great set of clips from Wally Boag 's appearance on the Muppets Show over on YouTube . And since you're such a huge Disney / Muppets fan, I was wondering if you knew anything about how Wally got hired to appear on that show. You're in luck, BoagaloonsFanNo1...
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