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  • Blog Post: Why "Western River" Went South -- Part 3

    OUR STORY SO FAR: Roy Disney had officially put the word out. He wanted the Imagineers to come with attractions for Walt Disney World that would blow the doors off of anything the company has built in Disneyland. Master Imagineer Marc Davis was glad to hear this, for - having just completed the original...
  • Blog Post: Guess who worked for Disney?

    Hey, kids! Sorry to have fallen off the map for so long. Back in early November, I took a brief trip down to Orlando to dig up some new stories for the site. I started right back for New Hampshire to file my report about the latest doings at Walt Disney World but ... well ... I knew I shouldn't have...
  • Blog Post: Getting just the right voices for "Hunchback"'s Gargoyles proved to be a pretty gruesome go

    How tough can it be to do the voicework for the comic relief in a Disney animated film? I mean, what do you do? You show up at the studio, schmooze with the director, say a few jokes, take an hour for lunch, do a few more jokes, break for tea, do another couple of jokes, then -- ooops -- it's time to...
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