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  • Blog Post: Guess who worked for Disney?

    Hey, kids! Sorry to have fallen off the map for so long. Back in early November, I took a brief trip down to Orlando to dig up some new stories for the site. I started right back for New Hampshire to file my report about the latest doings at Walt Disney World but ... well ... I knew I shouldn't have...
  • Blog Post: Getting just the right voices for "Hunchback"'s Gargoyles proved to be a pretty gruesome go

    How tough can it be to do the voicework for the comic relief in a Disney animated film? I mean, what do you do? You show up at the studio, schmooze with the director, say a few jokes, take an hour for lunch, do a few more jokes, break for tea, do another couple of jokes, then -- ooops -- it's time to...
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