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    Fluffy-Not-Fat sent me a new Why For question earlier this week, saying: As a longtime fan, it's great that you've begun writing theme park history stories again. Those stories were always my favorite part of your site. So now that I've kissed your butt a little, I was wondering if you'd...
  • Blog Post: On July 4th, let's remember that theme park which didn't go forth: Disney's America

    Picture this: It's August of 1994. And things are not looking good for the Disney's America project. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved What had once been envisioned as a $558 million regional theme park (which was deliberately designed to appeal to the 19 million tourists...
  • Blog Post: Why For: Don't get Shanghaied by Disney theme park concept art

    MickeyFan238 sent me this e-mail earlier this week: I just can't wait until Friday. How much do you think Disney is going to reveal about the Shanghai park at this groundbreaking ceremony? Concept art for Storybook Castle and some of the Fantasyland section of Shanghai Disneyland. Copyright Disney...
  • Blog Post: Why For the Muppets didn't make it into Tokyo DisneySea

    Hirota K. of Yokohoma writes in to say Dear Mr. Hill -- I have been greatly enjoying your recent articles about Disney theme park attractions that were never built. Could you please share some stories about rides that were proposed but never built for my favorite theme park, Tokyo DisneySea ? Thank you...
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