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  • Blog Post: "Oliver and Company" Studio Replica now on sale at Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store

    Disney's Soda Fountain and Studio Store is going to the dogs. And the cats. In honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the November 1988 release of " Oliver and Company ," this Hollywood Boulevard hotspot (which is located right off of the lobby of the El Capitan Theatre ) is now offering...
  • Blog Post: "Disney Dogs" showcases canine cartoon stars

    If you're a Disney trivia buff, I'm sure that you can already name the father & mother dog in " 101 Dalmatians ." But can you name all 15 of the puppies that Perdita had? Copyright 2008 Disney. All Rights Reserved Okay. I know. That's kind of a trick question. Given that -- in the original 1961 film...
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