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  • Blog Post: Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre gets ready to celebrate its 90th anniversary

    Tonight, all eyes are on the Dolby Theatre and the 88th Academy Awards . But tomorrow morning -- after that 500 foot-long red carpet (which gets rolled out along Hollywood Boulevard every year so that the stars then have something grand to stand upon) has been packed away -- where can one then go to...
  • Blog Post: Turner Classic Film Festival celebrates all aspects of Hollywood history

    When it comes to the world of film, how exactly does one define a classic? Turner Classic Movies. All rights reserved "For some, it's that movie they grew up which they now want to share with their kids. For others, it's films that were made under the studio system back during the Golden...
  • Blog Post: Southern California gears up for four full days of Disney-related fun

    You know, I kind of feel sorry for all of you Disneyana fans who live out in the Los Angeles area. Why For? Because starting tomorrow ... There are so many Mouse-related events going on in & around Southern California that it will literally be impossible to attend them all. Want proof? Okay then...
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