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  • Blog Post: Should Disney World's Cirque du Soleil show be replaced by something more Marvel-ous?

    Have you heard about this survey that's been making the rounds? The one that asks people who've previously attended performances of La Nouba (i.e. that Cirque du Soleil show that's been entertaining WDW visitors on Downtown Disney 's West Side since December of 1998) about a possible...
  • Blog Post: Julien's 2009 Summer Sale features genuine pieces of Hollywood history

    Go ahead. Admit it. You were somewhat depressed when Michael Jackson pulled the plug on that memorabilia auction that Julien’s Auctions had scheduled for earlier this year. You were hoping to bid on some of those one-of-a-kind items that Jackson had in his Disneyana collection. And once this event was...
  • Blog Post: Why For were there so few stories on JHM this week?

    I got a lot of e-mail this week similar to this note from Leonard S. Which says: Jim, Only four articles last week. Now only two articles this week. That's not the Jim Hill I know. The guy who posts five articles every week, even over the holidays. You feeling alright, Jim? Trouble at home? If not, what...
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