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  • Blog Post: Leonard Kinsey's "Our Kingdom of Dust" is "Valley of the Dolls" done Disney-style

    It's kind of a summer tradition here in the States that -- before you head out for the beach -- you stuff something trashy to read in your tote. Jacqueline Susann (AKA the author of " Valley of the Dolls ," which sold 30 million copies back in the 1960s) used to specialize in these sorts...
  • Blog Post: Why For did Epcot's Future World not turn out as WED had originally planned?

    Epcot Enthusiast wrote in this week to say: I saw a Tweet today that said that you and Len Testa were touring Future World and World Showcase recording stories for a new " Unofficial Guide Disney Dish with Jim Hill" podcast. Epcot is my very favorite WDW theme park. Could you please share some...
  • Blog Post: A JimHillMedia exclusive: Your first look at "Project Gemini"

    The dictionary defines "Gemini" as A constellation in the Northern Hemsiphere. The third sign of the Zodia. A remarkable event; an omen. Given all three of these meanings, I have to assume that the Imagineers had the third definition in mind when they opted to name their Future World redo "Project...
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