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  • Blog Post: Disney references galore can be found in BOOM! Studios' "Darkwing Duck" comic books

    There are lots of reasons to like BOOM! Studios "Darkwing Duck" comic book series ... Copyright 2005 - 2010 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved ... which - FYI - will be releasing its first-ever oversized annual next month. Copyright 2005 - 2010 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc. All rights...
  • Blog Post: How do you carve “Snow White” ‘s Hag and Evil Queen out of clay?

    David Kracov remembers the night that he decided to quit working in animation. “A bunch of my friends took me out to Astroburger . And while we were eating, Brad Bird tried to talk me out of quitting. Brad said that he wanted me to come work with him on this new movie he wanted to make. Which was about...
  • Blog Post: “Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen” offers a twisted take on Disney's Snow White

    No one mourns the Wicked. No one cries “They won’t return!” No one lays a lily on their grave Ah, but as “Wicked” (i.e. Gregory Maguire ’s best-selling book as well as the long-running stage musical ) proves, it is actually possible to feel sadness & sympathy for a character that’s been labeled Wicked...
  • Blog Post: Instead of a Why For this week, how about a Where For ?

    Natalie Dressed writes in to say: Thanks for plugging ASIFA-Hollywood 's upcoming screening of " Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure ." That was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. And if I actually lived out in LA, I would definitely have made the trip over to the American Film Institute...
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