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  • Blog Post: “The Thirteen Days of Christmas” lets you bring Haunted Mansion Holiday home

    Boys and girls of every age, Would you like to see something strange? Copyright 2009 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved Okay. I know. It’s July. Which is not exactly when people start thinking about Halloween and/or Christmas. But a book just hit store shelves that I know that Disneyana fans...
  • Blog Post: The Pixar TV special you never got to see, "A Tin Toy Christmas"

    In response to this week's Toon Tuesday column , CC writes in to say: " Pixar wanted to produce a holiday special back in the 1980s?! Come on, Jim. You've GOT TO write an article about that." Ask and ye shall receive. But please keep in mind that the Pixar that I'll be writing about will not be the great...
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