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    How many of you remember "Jurassic Park," the movie ? Particularly that moment in this Steven Spielberg film where software engineer Dennis Nerdy (played with sleazy gusto by Wayne Knight ) is recruited to do some corporate espionage. What Biosyn (i.e. the archrival of InGen, the bioengineering company...
  • Blog Post: Woo Hoo ! "The Simpsons Ride" officially opens at Universal Studios Florida

    In God's Waiting Room (AKA Florida), you're bound to run into a few blue hairs over the course of your day. Though -- that said -- one wonders what the AARP would make of the bunch pictured below. Photo by Nancy Stadler Believe it or not, the multiple Marges that you see above aren't actors. They were...
  • Blog Post: Construction's officially underway on Universal's "Wizarding World of Harry Potter"

    It's perhaps the most eagerly anticipated addition to Orlando's assortment of rides, shows and attractions in more than a decade: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter , which is slated to open at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure in 2009 Copyright 2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved And...
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