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  • Blog Post: A brief pause

    You may have noticed that it's been kind of quiet in this corner of the Web over the past week. Well, there's a reason for that. You see, though JHM has some wonderful contributors (Floyd Norman, Leon Holzer and Roger Colton among them), this website is basically a two person operation. With...
  • Blog Post: Ride the rails and hear some great Disney-related tales on Walt's Sierra Adventures

    Since JHM seems to be on a run of Christmas movie and holiday-related stories lately, I thought that I'd ask how many of you are fans of the 1954 version of " White Christmas ." And you may recall from a December 2002 story that ran on this website, Nancy and her sister Kathy are huge fans...
  • Blog Post: John Canemaker pays tribute to a guy named Joe

    You’ve probably seen a lot of Joe Ranft -related material popping up around the Web over the past few days. John Musker ’s excellent story reel-based tribute to his old pal (who was tragically killed in an automobile accident back on August 16, 2005 ). No to mention the first installment of Leo Holzer...
  • Blog Post: Friends of the Walt Disney Family Museum page features info on ticket prices, hours

    Andy H. writes in to say: “So what’s the deal with the Walt Disney Family Museum ? I read somewhere on the Web that tickets are supposed to go on sale August 1 st and that the museum itself is supposed to open on October 1 st . But beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot of info out there.“ Copyright Disney...
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