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  • Blog Post: WDW officials knew that '09 was going to be a real challenge

    Wayne C. sent in an interesting follow-up question to yesterday's article : "When exactly did Disney World executives realize that their resort was about to hit a rough patch? Based on some of the things they've done over the past six months (EX: Announcing back in July that they'd be closing Pleasure...
  • Blog Post: Monday Mouse Watch : The Winter of Disney's Discontent

    It's been 10 days now since WDW officials revealed that they plan on closing the Pleasure Island portion of Downtown Disney . And while PI fans remain up in arms about this decision (To date, over 4800 of them have already signed that online " Save the Adventurers Club " petition) ... I think it's important...
  • Blog Post: Mist Direction or How DAK Operations just slipped Joe Rohde a Mickey

    Folks who visited Disney's Animal Kingdom late last month got something of a treat. In that -- for a while there, anyway -- most of " Expedition Everest " 's effects were actually working. The scenic mist that's supposed to drift off of Forbidden Mountain top actually did that. The fog bank that your...
  • Blog Post: Monday Mouse Watch : Will a new name really be enough to boost ticket sales for WDW's "Pirate & Princess Party" ?

    Do you remember how -- at the very start of " Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest " -- the crew of the Black Pearl had spent months at seas without doing "… a speck of honest pirating"? Which is why they then asked Capt. Jack Sparrow when all this extra effort was going to translate into some...
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