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    You remember Michael Eisner , right? That infamous micro-manager who was in charge of The Walt Disney Company during an unprecedented period of growth. When - within one twenty year period -- the Mouse House moved from being this film & theme park company that was worth $1.8 billion to becoming a...
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    Herb W. writes in to say: "I really enjoy how JHM covers the Walt Disney Company, mixing the business side of things in with all of that juicy gossip. But where do you get your information? How can you know all of this stuff?" Here's the Reader's Digest version, Herb : I've been writing about the Mouse...
  • Blog Post: Sub Scam

    So how did you folks spend the Columbus Day weekend? Me? I spent 10 hours in front of the tube on Sunday watching the USA Network's "Monk-a-thon," 6 hours yesterday watching the Kim Possible "Villain-a-thon" on the Disney Channel. Which is why my butt is now sofa-shaped. Why did...
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