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  • Blog Post: The Muppety makeover of Disneyland that almost happened

    Can you picture a Kermit -green version of the Matterhorn ? Or -- for that matter -- Miss Piggy standing in for that winkin' Cleopatra that you see as you float through " it's a small world " ? Or Animal filling in for one of those ne'er do-well cads who chases the wenches in "...
  • Blog Post: So what does Disney have in the works for the Muppets in 2012?

    Okay. There are obviously a lot of people out there talking about " The Muppets " this morning. In particular how ticket sales for this James Bobin film reportedly fell off by 62% during its second weekend in domestic release . But - to be fair here - given that the No. 1 film in the country...
  • Blog Post: The Mouse pays tribute to Kermit's creator by making him a Disney Legend today

    Jim Henson , Disney Legend . For a lot of people (myself included) this phrase doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. But perhaps that's because - for so many of us who grew up in the late 1960s / early 1970s - Jim Henson was / already is a legend. This enormously talented individual who - through...
  • Blog Post: "Muppets: The Green Album" reveals how truly evergreen the Muppet song catalog is

    We're still about 16 weeks out from the release of " The Muppets ." But since that it's never too early to start building audience interest in the Studio's Thanksgiving 2011 release ... On August 23rd, Walt Disney Records will be releasing " Muppets: The Green Album ."...
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