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  • Blog Post: Toon Tuesday : Sure, "Ratatouille" rebounded over the extended Fourth of July holiday. But what happens tomorrow ... When Harry meets Remy?

    Okay. I admit it. Maybe -- just maybe -- the folks at Walt Disney Studios actually do know what they are doing. Case in point: " Ratatouille ." When this Brad Bird film only sold $47 million worth of tickets over its opening weekend (Which was at least 20% less than the $60 million that industry experts...
  • Blog Post: Wandering the halls with Roy E. Disney

    To hear Roy Disney tell the tale, he basically owes his entire career in animation to his mother needing a babysitter. "When my Mother needed to go shopping, she'd drop me off with my Dad's office," Roy explained. "And my Dad would eventually say 'Get out of my office and find someone else to play with...
  • Blog Post: John Lasseter to be feted at Sonoma Valley Film Festival

    For the past decade, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival has heard the refrains of "You've Got A Friend In Me" from John Lasseter , the creative force behind Pixar . Now the festival is turning the tables and planning quite a bash April 11-15 in recognition not only of its 10th anniversary but in tribute...
  • Blog Post: Davis derails Disney annual shareholder meeting

    On behalf of the Walt Disney Company and its stockholders, I'd like to apologize to the city of New Orleans. I mean, hasn't this beautiful city suffered enough? After having been blown about by Hurricane Katrina , was it really necessary to then expose the Big Easy to yet another long-winded female,...
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