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  • Blog Post: Dick Van Dyke's memoir reveals what it was really like to work with Walt

    So how exactly did Dick Van Dyke wind up playing Bert in " Mary Poppins " ? According to his just-released memoir, " My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business " (Crown Archetype, May 2011), Dick landed his role in that Disney classic because an earlier film of his - 1964's "...
  • Blog Post: Why For does Howard Stark look like Walt Disney in “Iron Man 2” ?

    IronManFan236 sent in a question that was short & sweet: Did Marvel Studios deliberately make Howard Stark look like Walt in “ Iron Man 2 ” as a tribute / tip-of-the-hat to the Disney acquisition deal? Iron Man 2, the Movie: Copyright 2010 MVL Film Finance LLC. Iron Man, the character: TM & Copyright...
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