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  • Blog Post: Flynn’s Arcade gives Comic-Con attendees a taste of “TRON: Legacy”

    FlynnLives55 writes in to say: I’ve really been enjoying your Comic-Con coverage. But why no pix of the thing that TRON fans most want to see, the inside of Flynn’s Arcade? Ask and ye shall receive. Photo by Nancy Stadler Even though I had been clued in that something special would be happening away...
  • Blog Post: D23 Expo buttons & ‘bots kept the crowds coming back for more in San Diego

    So how crowded was it at this year’s Comic-Con ? So crowded that – as you walked past the Fox booth in the exhibit hall – you were halfway tempted to “borrow” Wolverine ’s adamantium claws (FYI: this wax X-Men is just one of the figures that will be on display at Madame Tussands Hollywood . Which opens...
  • Blog Post: Comic-Con crowds go crazy for “TRON: Legacy”

    Given the firestorm that that “TRON” test footage created at last year’s Comic-Con … Well, it only made sense that the creative team behind this highly anticipated follow-up to that landmark 1982 film would then return to San Diego to reveal even more to this year’s attendees. The only problem is … Director...
  • Blog Post: Disney has big plans for “Prince of Persia” & “Phineas & Ferb” in 2010

    After dealing with all of the Preview Night craziness (i.e. the traffic, the lines, the crowds), it’s sometimes hard to remember why you’d ever willing subject yourself to something that‘s as brutal & intense as Comic-Con can often be. But me? Whenever I find myself wavering, debating whether I really...
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