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    Trish D. of Tallahassee, FL. wrote in to say: I enjoyed reading today's story about "Tangled Ever After" and how Disney used all of its divisions to make the most of that animated short . But what really intrigued about today's article was the final photo, which showed a shelf full...
  • Blog Post: Green screen & CGI make ABC's "Once Upon a Time" 's fairytale settings seem real

    So are you watching " Once Upon a Time " yet? For Mouse House fans, half the fun of watching this acclaimed ABC Studios production is its funhouse mirror take on so many of Disney's animated classics. Take - for example - tonight's episode, "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree." Which...
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    Do you hear that squealing noise coming out of Burbank? That's the sound of Mouse House management stomping on the brakes. Slowing down (and -- in some cases -- shutting down entirely) some of the more ambitious projects that the Walt Disney Company currently has in the works. All because of what's been...
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