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  • Blog Post: Remembering when Ronald Reagan came to EPCOT Center to see the President's Inaugural Bands Parade

    After having dealt with those record low temperatures that this past Winter's Polar Vortex whipped up, I have to admit that I am genuinely enjoying this year's belated (but much appreciated) Spring. But that said, I recognize that late 2013 / early 2014 wasn't the only time that things got...
  • Blog Post: Would Disneyland’s Dixieland really have made a difference?

    Orange County Mountie writes in to say: I have just been loving these stories that you have been doing about Disneyland ’s expansion plans from the 1970s and 1980s. All of those rides, shows and attractions that the Imagineers wanted to build back then but never got around to. In your last article, you...
  • Blog Post: "Imagineering Legends" is the ideal gift for the Disneyana fan on your Christmas list

    "There can be only one ..." And -- no -- I'm not channeling for the Highlander here. I'm talking about the real budgetary challenge that many consumers are facing this holiday season. Where -- instead of heaving multiple presents at friends & family as they have in years past -- they can now afford...
  • Blog Post: The Disneyland expansion plan that never happened

    Danni T writes in to say: You've been posting an awful lot of Disney World stories lately. Isn't it time that you wrote something about Disneyland again? Maybe do another one of those stories where you talk about rides, shows or attractions that never got built? Ask and ye shall receive. The history...
  • Blog Post: The Kingdom That Never Came : Disney World expansion plans circa June of 1982

    This is one of these stories that I'm sure is going to depress a certain portion of JHM readers. Mostly because it gives a glimpse of what might have been at Walt Disney World . Particularly if Ron Miller had remained in power at the Mouse House. Anyway ... The following is a transcript of an article...
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