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  • Blog Post: Why For is “Captain EO” really returning to Disneyland Park?

    First up, RedRyderBB writes in to say: Disneyland can’t be serious about bringing back “Captain EO.” I saw that 3D movie when it first opened in 1987 and once was really enough. “EO” was just a glorified music video. And even MTV doesn’t show music videos anymore. So what’s the point of bringing “Captain...
  • Blog Post: Tune Tuesday: Disney to celebrate the performing arts in 2010

    If you’re a fan of The Walt Disney Company’s theatrical productions , then you should probably make a point of setting your TiVo to record Friday’s “ Live with Regis & Kelly ” (when the Las Vegas company of “ The Lion King ” will be making an appearance on that syndicated morning talk show) as well...
  • Blog Post: Let George Do It: One-time WDW busboy becomes Disneyland’s newest president

    What with that $1.1 billion worth of construction that’s currently going on at Disney’s California Adventure (not to mention that $100+ milllion redo of the Disneyland Hotel that just got underway), the next three years are going to be a particularly tough time for the Disneyland Resort . Walt Disney...
  • Blog Post: D23 EXPO presentation to reveal what Muppets have planned for 2010 & beyond

    For those of you out there who have been grousing about the Marvel acquisition deal – saying, in essence that “ … Disney’s going to ruin those characters just like they did the Muppets ” … Well, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to what Kermit & Co. have been up to this year. The Muppets...
  • Blog Post: It's time to cash in those Disney Dollars. D23 Expo tickets go on sale today

    Look at this trove, Treasures untold How many wonders can one cavern hold? Well, the Anaheim Convention Center is pretty cavernous. It has 813,000 square feet of exhibit space, to be exact. Plus 51 different meeting rooms. And did I mention those 7,500 seats in the Anaheim Arena? "So why should I care...
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