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  • Blog Post: Michael Giacchino's love of toons helped make him today's top tunesmith in Hollywood

    Did you catch that terrific profile of Michael Giacchino that " Variety " ran yesterday? I mean, if you thought that this Academy Award-winning composer was busy in 2009 - 2010 (i.e. that's when he composed & conducted the music for " Prep and Landing ," " Day & Night...
  • Blog Post: “The Men Who Would Be King” recalls the bad old days when Disney, DreamWorks & Pixar used to brawl

    Given that we now live in the age of DreamWorks 3.0 , with Walt Disney Studios distributing the films that Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider will soon be producing, it’s kind of hard to remember the bad old days. When Jeffery Katzenberg was … … out to deplete Disney’s talent pool. He flattered Disney...
  • Blog Post: Gary Vaynerchuk wants you to think outside of the box wine

    Epcot has long been noted known for its mix of education and entertainment. Which is why Gary Vaynerchuk fits in perfectly at this theme park. This self-trained wine expert flew into Orlando late last week to help kick-off the 14 th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival . And in his own...
  • Blog Post: Could you please have the Rat whip me up some crow?

    Everyone out there enjoying the day after Thanksgiving? Particularly all of those delicious leftovers that you've got stashed in the fridge? Not me. I mean, sure. I'll get to them eventually. But first ... I have to choke down a rather large portion of crow. By that I mean ... Have you seen the international...
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