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  • Blog Post: Why For was Michael Clarke Duncan's Grizz character cut out of Disney's "Brother Bear" ?

    Danielle F. wrote in yesterday to say: I really enjoyed today's story about Luigi's Flying Tires and like the idea of you turning Why For into a daily feature at your site. I just hope you get sent enough questions to actually make this happen. And speaking of questions: I was sorry to hear that...
  • Blog Post: A special "Toon Much of a Good Thing" edition of Why For

    First up, Danny writes in to ask: Jim, Any reason that you know of why Pixar started skimping on their DVD packages? Up to and including " The Incredibles ," no company did the medium justice better than Pixar. But the discs for " Cars " and " Rataouille " (which I have an advanced copy of) are pathetic...
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