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  • Blog Post: The Muppets lead the way with Disney Parks & Resorts' new "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" promotion

    Because Kermit the Frog helps hammer together the framing for a new Habitat for Humanity house, he gets to take his little nephew Robin off to Disneyland to experience “ Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride .” And because Miss Piggy muscles some plywood into place at this very same construction site, she then gets a...
  • Blog Post: WDW officials knew that '09 was going to be a real challenge

    Wayne C. sent in an interesting follow-up question to yesterday's article : "When exactly did Disney World executives realize that their resort was about to hit a rough patch? Based on some of the things they've done over the past six months (EX: Announcing back in July that they'd be closing Pleasure...
  • Blog Post: Mickey Mouse balloons brighten a grey day in Boston

    Yesterday was a cold, grey day in Boston. More like November than September. It was just the sort of day that the phrase "Blue Monday" was invented to describe. Photo by Jim Hill So how do you turn a day like that around? By handing out some Mickey Mouse balloons? 2500 of them, to be exact. Photo by...
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