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    Let's cut to the chase here: There was just no escaping " TRON: Legacy " at this year's Comic-Con . Even before you entered the San Diego Convention Center , thanks to those banners that seemed to be hanging off of every light post in the city, you found yourself face-to-face with Jeff...
  • Blog Post: The TRON attractions that Disneyland almost got

    Now that the official trailer for “ TRON Legacy ” has popped up on the Web and Disney XD has revealed that it has a TRON animated series in the works , theme parks fans are now wondering what the Imagineers will be doing to help support what-the-Company-hopes-will-be its next big franchise. Well, before...
  • Blog Post: Is Disney looking to trade its 5th Avenue store in for a brand-new retail location down on Times Square?

    As you might expect, NYC's World of Disney is currently all tricked out for trick-or-treat time. Photo by Jim Hill And as you wander all three floors of this 5th Avenue store, you'll find all sorts of Halloween-related materials. From 15th anniversary " Nightmare Before Christmas " merch ... Photo by...
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