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  • Blog Post: Getting to the Art of the matter with Mickey Mouse

    You gotta admit that - for an 83 year-old mouse -- Mickey looks good. So what's Mickey's secret? Botox? Collagen? The fact that he's a cartoon character that doesn't actually age? I prefer to think it's the company that Mickey keeps. Take - for example - Tom Whalen . Who just created...
  • Blog Post: Saturday's Cartoon Art Museum benefit at Pixar Animation Studios looks to be a sell-out

    So why would you want to give the Cartoon Art Museum $199? Because - if you do so - you get to spend some of this coming Saturday ... Photo by Gina Mongenel ... here. Yep. One day a year (as part of its annual benefit for the Cartoon Art Museum ) Pixar Animation Studios throws open its doors. Allowing...
  • Blog Post: There's a real art to keeping Pixar's traveling art exhibition fresh

    Remysthe14me writes in to say: Copyright Disney Pixar. All rights reserved I saw Jon Nadelberg 's story about the " Pixar: 25 Years of Animation " exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California and was wondering if this is the same exhibition of art that was presented at the MOMA in 2005?...
  • Blog Post: Animation fans can make a real difference this coming weekend

    Greetings from the Universal Orlando Resort . Where I’m now in my final day of covering the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter . Photo by Jim Hill It has been an absolutely amazing couple of days. And I’m heading back to New Hampshire tonight with all sorts of stories to share about...
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