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  • Blog Post: Disney's Night Kingdom lives to see another day (sort of) with DAK's Wild Africa Trek

    Do you remember that niche park which the Imagineers toyed with building back in 2008? You know, that project which went by a variety of names among them Disney's Night Kingdom & Disney's Jungle Trek )? Which then would have given WDW Guests the opportunity to have all sorts of hands-on experiences...
  • Blog Post: Mickey always plans a few moves ahead when it comes to Walt Disney World

    There have been lots of looky-loos lately over that Fantasyland Forest construction fence. Which has resulted in an equally large number of theories floating around online about what's currently going on with this $300 million project. Take - for example - all that soil that's been piled up towards...
  • Blog Post: Say "Nighty-night" to Night Kingdom and "Jambo" to Disney's Jungle Trek

    Will you be visiting Walt Disney World over the next week-to-10-days? If so, keep a close eye out for any cast members clutching clipboards. Who may want to hear your opinion on WDI's recently revamped plans for Disney's Night Kingdom . That's right. WDW's answer to Discovery Cove has undergone a rethink...
  • Blog Post: Night Kingdom to reimagine the Disney-theme-park-going experience

    TiggerFan452 writes in to say: Hey Jim, Just wondering if you've heard anything about these focus groups that Disney World has been recruiting people for. If you take part, you're apparently shown a preview video for something called "Disney's Night Kingdom". Any idea what this project is about and if...
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