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  • Blog Post: Lots of nods to Disney history can be found on the CalArts campus

    When people talk about where the Disney / Pixar magic comes from, there are always a few California cities that get mentioned right away. Burbank. Glendale. Anaheim. Emeryville. But - to be honest -- there's one other place that really belongs on that list. And that's Valencia, CA. Which is home...
  • Blog Post: Revised version of “Timing for Animation” now features the best of the past & the future

    Last week, the International Animated Film Society revealed who was in the running for this year’s Annies (which are the animation industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards). And among those singled out for recognition this time around were writer, teacher, animator, historian and all-around-nice-guy...
  • Blog Post: Marty Sklar to pay tribute to Disney Legend at Ryman Arts fund-raiser

    Today is a day when most people here in the US traditionally take a moment or two to reflect on whatever it is that they have to be thankful for. And for the more-than-a-thousand Southern California students who’ve taken part in the Ryman Arts program over the past 19 years … Well, they’re just thankful...
  • Blog Post: Toon Thursday: "Kung Fu Panda" is one fun summer flick

    With its lush visuals and eye-popping fight scenes, " Kung Fu Panda " may be one of the best looking action film ever produced. Which -- I know -- sounds like a really weird thing to say about a new animated feature. But as Brad Bird once said: "Animation isn't a genre. It's a type of film-making that...
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