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  • Blog Post: Check out Disney's pre- "Tangled" versions of Rapunzel

    Sometime today, Disney's "Tangled" will blow through the $100-million-in-domestic-ticket-sales threshold . Which is the fastest that a Walt Disney Animation Studios release has reached this particular milestone since " The Lion King " back in 1994. So -- in honor of this auspicious...
  • Blog Post: Three Keanes help make Disney's "Tangled" a pretty keen animated comedy

    There's this great little moment in " Waking Sleeping Beauty " (which - FYI - was just released on DVD yesterday) from 1980. Where a very young John Lasseter - armed with an 8mm sound camera - is filming an equally young Randy Cartwright as he wanders the halls of the Animation Building...
  • Blog Post: Did you spot all of the in-jokes & Disney references in “Prep and Landing”?

    Okay. I know. JHM has already done a number of stories on “ Disney Prep and Landing ,” that new holiday special that Walt Disney Animation Studios produced exclusively for ABC (which – FYI – wound up being the highest rated Christmas special of the 2009 – 2010 season ). Copyright 2009 Disney Enterprises...
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