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D23’s "Disney Geek” vlog #29 is now online

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This week on the show:

- Donnie Dunagan—the original voice of Bambi—talks about working with Walt Disney

- Stars align for "Phineas and Ferb"—including Jane Lynch, Michael Douglas, Michael J. Fox and more! Plus, the boys will soon greet guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  

- A tour of Chicago's Michigan Avenue Disney Store reveals fascinating Disney design details (did Clarabelle Cow start the Great Chicago Fire?)

- Disney Junior—Live on Stage! sets its opening dates to say "Yo Ho, Let's Go!" to guests

- "High School Musical" spins off into a new Disney Channel series

- Toon Studios reveals "Planes"—a high-flying new movie soaring above the world of "Cars"

- Scoop on Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie" including the roster of voice talent

- Popping the popcorn for the Academy Awards

- Viewer questions… and more!