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Disney Interactive Media Group's Playdom Launches "Gardens of Time" on Facebook

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Disney Interactive Media Group's Playdom Launches "Gardens of Time" on Facebook

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Playdom Launches Gardens of Time

Social gaming company adds a social layer to hidden object game play

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Playdom today announced the launch of Gardens of Time, a hidden object game re-imagined with social elements on Facebook. Gardens of Time provides the artistic and game play depth of a downloadable hidden object game while setting a new standard of social game play within the genre.

In Gardens of Time, players join the Time Society, an elite group of time-traveling detectives who explore vibrant hidden object scenes to solve the mysteries of time. By finding hidden objects scattered around the world, players collect ancient artifacts, personalize a historical garden, and unravel the mysteries of time as they embark on epic quests to correct the course of history.

Gardens of Time provides hundreds of hours of free content at launch, including more than 40 re-playable hidden object scenes and four distinct modes of play. Players can also engage friends by challenging them to beat a high score, sending them gifts and hints, and visiting friends’ personal gardens to help with quests.

Gardens of Time redefines the previously solitary experience of downloadable hidden object games by adding a variety of social features so players can share the excitement and challenge with their friends,” said Playdom’s Senior Producer for Gardens of Time, John Hsu. “We want to give players the opportunity to collaborate, compete, and show off their achievements.”

Gardens of Time can be accessed at http://apps.facebook.com/gardensoftime.

About Playdom

Playdom, the social games product group of Disney Interactive Media Group, produces a diverse portfolio of casual games for the rapidly-growing platform of social networks. Playdom's hugely popular properties, including Deep Realms, ESPNU College Town, Sorority Life, Social City, and City of Wonder, support millions of daily users on Facebook, MySpace and international social networking sites.

Disney Interactive Media Group is the interactive entertainment affiliate of The Walt Disney Company (NSYE: DIS)