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Huffington Post: Jim Hill -- How the Disney AVATAR theme deal really came together

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Huffington Post: Jim Hill -- How the Disney AVATAR theme deal really came together

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How the Disney / Avatar Theme Park Deal Really Came Together

So when exactly does the story of The Walt Disney Company's desire to build a theme park version of James Cameron's AVATAR begin?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


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  • I remember a while back you stated on your podcast that Universal was in talks with Fox to get Avatar in their parks. Did Disney fear Universal would have another Harry Potter in their hands?

  • Since this question wasn't allowed on the Disney Parks blog when I posted it the other day, I'll try it here: what are the odds that they'd re-theme the Tree of Life to fit into the proposed Avatar land?  The huge "Hometree" where the Na'vi lived in the film was a pretty important element of the story...Animal Kingdom happens to already have a huge tree on the premises...I don't think it's too farfetched.  Obviously, they're not going to go heavy into details just yet, but am I the only one who sees this happening?

  • The tree was destroyed in the first film though, so I would think no.

  • I just meant that they established that the "good guys" lived in & under a big honkin' tree, so I'm curious if they'd co-opt that into the theming of the proposed area.  If so, what happens to "It's Tough to be a Bug"?  Do they adapt the animal sculptures on the tree to incorporate a few alien species from the movie?

    Way early to get into specifics, I know, I'm just worried that the park's icon is going to tinkered with when it's not  really needed.  It seems that reaction to the announcement so far has been mixed, and I think something like this might be an unpopular move.

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