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Go Behind the Scenes of Disney's Classic PETER PAN with Mary Blair's Concept Art & Bonus Feature Clips

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Bonus Clips

The following bonus clip comes from Ted Thomas' Featurette Growing Up with Nine Old Men about Disney's original 9 Old Men.

Walt Disney's daughter Diane explains how her father fell in love with Peter Pan as a boy and wanted to make it his second feature after Snow White but had to wait 10 years for animation techniques to evolve to be able to make the film.

  • I think the descriptions of your 2 bonus clips have been reversed.  And I'm also wondering if you mean "Diane" when you say "Daisy"?

  • Wendy, you are correct on both accounts. Apologies to our readers and to Diane Disney Miller. I will also let the folks that put out the original press release know.

  • I grew up watching Peter Pan movies and TV series.  This is one of the best character ever made by Disney.

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