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    Karen M. writes in to ask a special favor: Dear Jim -- I just want to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for writing about Charlie Ridgway 's new book, " Spinning Disney's World ." On your recommendation , I picked up a copy and found that Mr. Ridgway's biography was just as you said it would be: Loaded...
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    Okay. How many of you remember that story that I told as part of last Friday's "Why For" column ? Where I detailed how -- back in the early 1990s -- Universal Studios swooped in & snagged the theme park rights to Jay Ward 's Rocky & Bullwinkle characters right out from under Mickey's nose? The...
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    First up, Roger A. writes in to ask: Jim, We just went to see Disney Live !, the new touring magic show this weekend, and were very impressed that Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy all had mouths that moved in sync and their eyes blinked. Copyright 2006 Disney/Feld Entertainment Do you know if...
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    First up, Ravi T. writes in to ask about Sunset Boulevard at Disney-MGM Studios . To be specific, something that he noticed was embedded in the asphalt on Sunset. Jim -- Last week, my family and I were down at Walt Disney World . And while we were walking through MGM to get to the Tower of Terror , I...