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    For 35 years now, “ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ” has been leading the way. At least when it comes to Christmas specials. Ever since this Rankin/Bass production first premiered on NBC in December of 1964, year after year, “Rudolph” has consistently occupied the top spot. Ratings-wise, that is. But...
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    Take a dollop of “ Desperate Housewives ” and then toss that into a blender with a cup full of “ Charmed .” Now whip up elements of these two hit show elements up until they’re light & frothy, then pour the whole thing over the Stars Hollow sets from “ Gilmore Girls .” What do you wind up with? A...
  • Blog Post: Disney’s “Prep & Landing” wows animation fans at the D23 EXPO

    CatastropheCanyonCat writes in to say: Photo by Jeff Lange “I’ve been checking your site for days now, waiting for the D23 EXPO coverage to begin. When are you going to start telling us what this show was like, what your favorite parts were?” Favorite parts? There’s a line out of Ben Brantley‘s May 2001...
  • Blog Post: Tube Thursday: “LOST” props to come up for auction in May of 2010

    In a space that’s as big as the exhibit hall at the San Diego Convention Center is, it’s relatively easy to get … Well, lost. Which is why it might be helpful sometimes to carry a compass with you as you wander the aisles at Comic-Con . As it turns out, I did find a compass this past Sunday. A really...