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  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: Frogs are People Too

    With Fat Tuesday just around the corner, Disneyland recently unveiled its own Mardi Gras celebration as part of the park's Family Fun Weekends programming. The event runs through March 6, with Princess Tiana and other characters from Disney's The Princess and the Frog leading the New Orleans Square festivities. So it seems like as good a time as any to "dig a little deeper" and tease out the mythic source code of the 2009 animated release. Ready? Then let's hop to it! Princess...
  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: How to Explain Your Dragon

    As Halloween 2010 draws near, it's normal to expect to hear the sound of leathery wings flapping ominously in the night. But this year, those wings might belong to a dragon rather than a bat. Perhaps a Monstrous Nightmare...or maybe a Hideous Zippleback...or possibly the intelligent and incredibly stealthy Night Fury. At least that's the hope of the honchos at DreamWorks Animation , who would like you to purchase a copy of How to Train Your Dragon following its October 15 release on DVD and...
  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: The Mouse is Mad ... and He's Got an Axe!

    Have you seen Disney's new feature version of The Sorcerer's Apprentice ? Although the film has garnered largely favorable reviews, including this one , the Jerry Bruckheimer summer blockbuster hasn't quite stirred up the level of box office magic for which the studio had been hoping. Disney's live action version of The Sorcerer's Apprentice conjured up mostly warm reviews. Copyright 2010 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All right reserved Nevertheless, the...
  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: Harry Potter Must Die!

    I realize it’s only summer, but excitement is already building toward the November 19th theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 . And starting today (Thursday, July 8), ABC Family is giving you a chance to prepare for the newest installment by reacquainting you with the previous six. This cable channel’s “ Harry Potter Weekend ” (which runs through Sunday, July 11) also promises “never-before-seen interviews with your favorite cast members”...
  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: Mania Happy Returns

    Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? I confess I haven’t. But as I write this article, the movie’s opening date is still nearly a week away, so I’ve got a good excuse. Yet with all the excitement surrounding the movie’s debut, it felt like an appropriate time to take a spin aboard Toy Story Mania! (i.e. the version at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ). Copyright Disney / Pixar. All Rights Reserved Of course, since the premise of my Mything in Action column is that the mythic Hero’s...
  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Every now and then, I come across one of those lists of “the most important inventions in history.” Have you seen them? At the top, you’ll usually find such items as “air conditioning,” “flush toilets,” “the Internet,” and “antibiotics.” It’s hard to argue with any of those entries. But my own personal list would also include “movies on discs” (DVDs and now Blu-ray). Why? Because I love having the ability to re-watch...
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