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When Silent Bob speaks, the Hawaiian press listens

When Silent Bob speaks, the Hawaiian press listens

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This year's Maverick Awards ceremony was held at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki. Prior to the start of the ceremony, reporters were preparing their cameras. My Mom talked to some people, shook hands, had me do the same, and then sat down in the audience. In front of us stood a woman who was being paid to smile and ask us how our day was. She turned to me, smiled, and asked how my day was. I sat down in my seat and tried to think of a good question.

Every time someone entered the room, I would look over to see who it was. Finally, a man walked up the sidewalk. Mom nudged me and said “That’s him.”

"What?," I thought. "This seemingly awkward man with spiky hair is my idol Silent Bob? He’s... different!"

Mr. Smith sat down, wiped his brow, and was announced by Christian Razukas of the Hawaii International Film Festival. “Please welcome, Kevin Smith!” There was applause and cameras flashed as Kevin waved a bit.

Christian explained that “ ... Mr. Smith is the second-ever winner of the Maverick award. These awards are designed for people like him, brilliant and with different ways of thinking.”

After Mr. Razukas finished his introduction, Silent Bob finally spoke: “Hi. Tip of the day: Don’t bring a fat man who likes to wear layers to Hawaii. Don’t you guys have a cold season?”

This comment was then followed by much laughter from the reporters in the audience. You see, this is Hawaii's cold season.

Kevin's response when he was told this? “Holy $#!+.”

Photo by Shelly Smith

As part of this press conference, several reporters asked Mr. Smith what he thought about all of the comic books that had recently been turned into movies. Kevin replied by saying that " ... I get offered a lot of comic book movies but I usually turn them down ‘cause I like watching those, not directing them. I make films with two guys talking about #######. If I made (big-budget comic book movies), then I can’t make fun of them anymore.”

Speaking of making fun of comic book movies, Kevin talked about Ben Affleck's 2003 film, "Daredevil" and how -- whenever Smith gets into a fight with Affleck these days -- he says "Hey, go put on your red tights!”

Kevin also talked about the two comic book stores that he owns, one in Los Angeles & one in New Jersey.

Speaking of Southern California, Smith said that he was very honored that Knotts Berry Farm was killing Silent Bob as part of this year's Hanging. “We filmed Clerks 2 right there in that city, what’s it called? Yeah, Buena Park, during the Haunt last year, and then this year ... I’m really glad they used my characters without my permission. I think that’s totally cool.”

Kevin was then asked about Asian directors, as HIFF focuses mostly on Asian film. “I was wondering what the ####, I’m the only white person here!” he said, then talked about he really loves Ang Lee. Who Smith considers American, given that this director can do so many different things.

Making fun of his own directorial limitations, Kevin said that “... You know what you’re going into when you see a Kevin Smith film.”

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  • Anyone interested in seeing Kevin Smith this evening, should go to the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood tonight.  He will be there with Stan Lee for a special presentation of Spider-man 2 :)
  • That's just it:  Kevin's one of the most comic-book-geeked screenwriters in the industry, and could have a great big-budget comic script in him (apart from the Green Hornet he turned down and the Superman Returns Warner threw out)...
    But now every time they call him for a Grown-Up Screenwriting Job, he says, "Who, me?...Shucks, I'm only good at writing stoned slacker comedies, that's what they know me for!"--Kevin, quit slacking!  :)
  • I just weep thinking of what a Kevin Smith Star Wars prequel trilogy would have been like...
  • Written by him, I mean.  I can't imagine the static shots he's famous for really working in a SW flick ;)
  • Kevin Smith does Star Wars?  Hmmm.  I could come up with a list of things that the movie would include but they are just too dirty to put on this site.  Funny, yes, but just way too dirty.  
  • "In front of us stood a woman who was being paid to smile and ask us how our day was. She turned to me, smiled, and asked how my day was."

    Great article. Alice, you're off to an excellent start. Nice to see that the apple doesn't fall far from either tree. :-)
    Now if you could just sneak over to the LOST set...
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