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Virtual Magic Kingdom fans attempt to rebuild the Magic

Virtual Magic Kingdom fans attempt to rebuild the Magic

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Four years ago today (On May 21st, 2008, to be exact) Virtual Magic Kingdom was shut down. One of Disney's more popular tries at an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Think World of Warcraft.), the closing of VMK was met with petitions, and a not-so-successful protest at the park. VMK was ultimately closed, and fans to this day still lurk the unofficial VMK forums, reminiscing about their old game. VMK was ultimately meant only to really promote other Disney products, but attracted a devoted fanbase.

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The game itself was pretty standard - Disney's attempt at Habbo Hotel with beautiful backgrounds and excellent music. Fans created mods (Modifications to the game that can be installed) that improved the game, a common staple of MMOs. But once VMK was gone, its fansites (EX: vmkpal & vmkmagic) slowly began to shut down. All except one, that is.

And that one is VMK revisited, a fangroup's attempt at rebuilding the game. For legal reasons, it's not rebuilding the game itself, but only the scenery and familiar menus. It's an impressive effort. As someone who used VMK to enter into the world of MMO's, testing out the rebuild of VMK was happy nostalgia for me.

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Although it was only around for a while, VMK had a largely positive community (And an extremely strict word filter) and an extremely dedicated fanbase. While it was up, VMK had the potential to be anything - Not to the extent of Minecraft, but enough that ten year olds could make a room into a comedy club if they wanted, or a fashion contest, or a trading room, or whatever they desired. Fans used the doors from the Monster's Inc. ride opening in Disney California Adventure Park to link their rooms and create large mazes with prizes and secrets. It allowed them to go to Disney when it was impossible to visit. To quote an 11 year-old fan who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy:

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"I love VMK cause I can WALK, TALK, EAT, DANCE, SHOP and play checkers all by myself. p.s. VMK is GERM FREE too! p.s.s. and no one stares at me there."'

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So it's understandable to see why fans would miss this game and try to rebuild it. And these fans have made a valiant effort. Whether or not you were a fan of VMK, VMKrevisited is definitely worth taking a look at.

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  • Is it open source? Seems like a good project to contribute to...

  • Unfortunately the project is no longer being worked on.

  • I don't see why disney gave up on this game. It's almost like they lost their imagination with this game. There was so much that they could have done with vmk and expanded it more. They gave up too quickly on a game that was nothing more then just a promotional game to them but it was a game that we all could feel like we were in the parks and talking to one another and playing games and enjoying disney like walt disney would have wanted us too. We're not forgetting all the kids who had cancer or dissabilities that prevented them from going to the parks simply because they were too sick or couldn't go out in public for fear of getting sick. vmk gave them a way to leave that behind for a while. Was Disney in too big of a hurry to get rid of this game and put something else in it's place to make money? Did they really think it through before they closed down a game that meant the world to us? I think they did and didn't care about the outcome. they just gave us an excuse. it was never meant to be. but it was a special game to us

  • VMK was the awesome game from Disney. if we can't go to the real the parks we could go online playing VMK. I don't mind if we have to pay like Toontown, Clubpenguin, pixie and the pirate online games. I bet everyone who in 2005 until now people want VMK back. We want it so badly to come back

  • Omg! I had no idea they shut down VMK. Ive actually never played it. I recently read a book called Kingdom Keepers and that was in it so i decided to look it up because i wanted to play it. NO! They should have VMK again. It looked like a fun game where you can chat with friends and make it like your actually at disney world.

  • Im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad.

    Re-open VMK!

  • Hi Olive (BuggyBoo13 (also my sis) )I know. people who cant go to disney world could go on VMK but its all done. @ LuLu i know right!


    Someone! Make a petition to re-open Virtual Magic Kingdom . Do it for Walt. (walter disney)

                                      - Thankyou

  • @ miranda sweat: i totally agree. Walt Disney (the person) would have wanted this too ;(

  • It's crazy how I didn't find out VMK was shut down until 2010 ,I was going through a nostalgia moment and searched VMK jut to find out it had shut down 2008 ,I was so sad it felt like my heart had sunk not to mention I was two years too late.

    I still have the Disney magazines with the clippings of VMK vouchers.Life can be so cruel.(Yes in early 2006 VMK was my life) I still don't Remember why I had stopped playing ,maybe I had school and just sidetracked with starting middle school? Idk but I really miss VMK and wish they would bring it back for at least a month or at least 2 weeks, this game is what made me appreciate Disney and their imagineers.

  • I am sad they shut down. My best friend and I used to play all the time together as little kids. my grandma would let me stay up till 11 pm, that's when the server would shut down until the next day at 7 am. Best game I have ever played. Kept me busy. I never asked my grandma for toys. Just a computer to play VMK, And because of VMK I loved to read. I read lots of books about fantasy life. I played untill the very last day! Maybe they will come to there senses and reopen VMK, I'd pay a membership fee if i have to, to play.

  • yeah it was definately a favorite of mine. i tried for the longest time to get back on but it wouldnt let me than i found out it got closed down. i was pretty shocked by it. i wish theyd remake it.(: we need to bring it back.

  • i was 7  when this game closed down disney ruiend my childhood

  • I really wish they would bring this back :'( I cried when it got shut down

  • I played this game back in 2006-2007 and was thinking about it for a while now recently, I wanted to back in the swing of things and play so this came as a BIG surprise, and I just found out it got shut down. Very sad... I do wish they could bring it back, the interaction, the games, the music was ALL positive and fun. I am so sad now :(


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