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Kingdom Hearts to be re-released as HD Bundle

Kingdom Hearts to be re-released as HD Bundle

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Kingdom Hearts is the lovechild between Square Enix and Disney, with lots and lots of hair gel. It follows the adventures of a teen named Sora, and those who are impacted by him. Sora, the wielder of a special sword named a 'Keyblade,' travels from world to world to fight evil and right wrongs while finding his friends he was separated from. These worlds often house Disney characters, each world acting as universe for a film.

For instance, an Alice in Wonderland world has all the characters and settings from the classic animated feature. A TRON world looks glossy and futuristic while a Steamboat Willie world turns all the characters pie-eyed and black and white. Sora travels from world to world combating Heartless, tiny evil minions, and meeting Square Enix and Disney characters along the way. They teach him important lessons about friendship, loyalty and courage.

Copyright Disney / Square Enix. All rights reserved

Since 2005, fans of Kingdom Hearts have been eagerly awaiting the third part of the Kingdom Hearts series but have had to settle for multiple reboots and side stories. But finally, finally the third game will come out, after a full HD remake of two Kingdom Hearts games, and a DS game, all using the updates graphics power of the Playstation 3

While it may seem at first like a cash grab via reselling the games, this new HD collection has had quite a lot of new material put into it. Cutscenes have been remastered with newer character models, toned Playstation music has been replaced with recordings of a live orchestra, trophies (Rewards for accomplishing in-game tasks), and the controls and menus for the game have been tightened for an easier gaming experience.

A shot from inside the booth during Jess
McCartney'srecording session. Copyright
Disney / Square Enix. All rights reserved

Not only that, but voice actors have come in to redub lines. As was evidenced by Jesse McCartney's video (That had since been pulled by Square Enix) of him recording battle grunts and cries.

The games to be remastered for this collection are Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (A version of the original game only Japan got, with extra enemies, extra cutscenes, and more), RE: Chain of Memories (A redo of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories , a game for the Game Boy Advance), and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (A DS game. This game will only have adjusted cutscenes, the game itself will not be available to play.)

Copyright Disney / Square Enix. All rights reserved

Tetsuya Nomura, the creator of the franchise, suggests that Kingdom Hearts II will be remastered in HD next. Which means we'll be waiting even longer for Kingdom Hearts III.

If you happen to preorder the bundle, you will get an exclusive Kingdom Hearts Artbook. This artbook will feature development sketches, and tons of behind-the-scenes material including character models and much, much more.

Copyright Disney / Square Enix. All rights reserved

Overall, ratings for this game have been good. Praising the updated control schemes and new music. As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I'm not sure if I would get it. While it's exciting that the US can finally see the Final Mix material, and this will be the first time other countries outside of the US and Japan will have access to RE: Chain of Memories, it feels like not enough was added to warrant rebuying these games in a bundle.

With what Nomura mentioned about wanting to remaster Kingdom Hearts 2, it's likely that there will be another bundle in our future. It's been said that Kingdom Hearts III will come after this game, but if you're a Kingdom Hearts fan, you've heard that far too often after many game releases.

The Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX will be available September 10th, 2013.

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