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February, 2014

  • Alice Hill

    Have a no-clothes encounter with the world's most famous mouse by playing that new Disney Mobile game, Hidden Mickey

    I know. Like any of these theme park news sites actually needs another article with the words "Hidden Mickey" in it. Yes, please, another thousand articles about "Look at the shape of these planter pots!" and "But if you look here, behind the drinking fountain ... Wow!" But this, I assure you, is different. This is Hidden Mickey , an online game for the Mickey Cartoons website . Based off the recent Mickey short, " No Service ." Copyright Disney Enterprises...
  • Alice Hill

    The Kingdom Hearts franchise enters the world of MMORPGS with Kingdom Hearts X (Chi)

    Massively multiplayer online role playing games are an asset often left untouched by video game companies. Think World of Warcraft or Disney's old try at it with VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom ). Often, it's just too much effort to tackle. You have to build worlds that keep players exploring, make interesting combat that hooks the player in, and -- of course -- find a way to turn a profit. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved So when I saw that Kingdom Hearts was going the MMORPG...
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