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Donut-themed "Scramble" event adds a hole ... er ... whole lot of fun to "Yokai Watch: Wibble Wobble"

Donut-themed "Scramble" event adds a hole ... er ... whole lot of fun to "Yokai Watch: Wibble Wobble"

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If you have a child that watches cartoons, or you enjoy watching cartoons yourself, you're probably pretty aware of Yokai Watch. In fact, if you have any interest in entertainment in Japan, you probably have, at least, a vague idea of what Yokai Watch is- I've already covered the series multiple times, and have written about the game I'm about to cover, but here's the brief version of it: There are collectible monsters you have to use a watch to find. There are hundreds of the adorable little monsters. These characters will haunt the toy aisles of Target for a very, very, very long time. And now, on your iPhone, you can play a game that very heavily resembles the Tsum-Tsum games, starring these Yokai characters! In fact, this phone game is typically used to introduce American audiences to Yokai Watch characters coming in future games. But with Yokai Watch 3 so far out, things had been stalling out some.

So it's nice to see the game hosting a fun 'Scramble' event! In this event, you're given a choice between three teams. Each led by a Yokai mascot character, with Lady Longnek for Yellow, Pallysol for Red, and Boyclops for Blue. The game sets up a series of stages, like the standard game, but you're encouraged to chain 'Wibwobs' into larger 'Wibwobs' to break orbs that have cake in them ... That turn into donuts. Don't worry about it. Just take the donuts. As you collect donuts, you'll rise through ranks of other players on your team and collect fun prizes for your efforts, like rare characters for the game, and in-game money! At the end of the event, depending on where you're ranking, you get a larger prize.

It's hard to not draw comparisons to Pokemon Go with this event. There are red, yellow, and blue teams, you fight with adorable creatures against these teams, and everyone seems to have picked the red team. Still, the game remains unique enough that it's a pretty fun time to compete in this event. However, it's a little hard to jump into if you're just starting out with the game. The stage difficulty ranks up quickly, so by about four levels in, if you're just starting out (Like I was, because I was on a new phone, oops!) you're going to end up dying. A lot. But hey, the donuts are very, very, very cute. And while the rewards, so far, may not be the most exciting thing about this event, it's a cute little add-on for a very solid, fun game. 

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  • It's difficult to not attract correlations with Pokemon Go with this occasion. There are red, yellow, and blue groups, you battle with charming animals against these groups, and everybody appears to have picked the red group. All things considered, the amusement stays sufficiently interesting that it's a beautiful fun time to contend in this occasion.

  • The diversion sets up a progression of stages, similar to the standard amusement, however you're urged to chain "Wibwobs" into bigger "Wibwobs" to soften spheres that have cake up them.

  • As you gather doughnuts, you'll ascend through positions of different players on your group and gather fun prizes for your endeavors, as uncommon characters for the diversion, and in-amusement cash! Toward the finish of the occasion, contingent upon where you're positioning, you get a bigger prize.

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