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“Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Pikachu !” & “Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Eevee !” to come to the Nintendo Switch this year

“Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Pikachu !” & “Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Eevee !” to come to the Nintendo Switch this year

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During a conference in Japan earlier this week, the Pokemon Company revealed three new games : A mobile and Nintendo Switch cross platform game, "Pokemon Quest," with graphics similar to Crossy Road and some absolutely adorable furniture in a "free to start" format; and for the Nintendo Switch, "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Pikachu !" and "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Eevee !"

Taking inspiration from gameplay styles from the popular "Pokemon Go" for mobile devices, "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Pikachu !" and "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Eevee !' adopts the thrown Pokeball system. By using one controller with the Switch system, you can make a tossing motion to throw a Pokeball and capture a cute critter for your team.

Copyright the Pokemon Company. All rights reserved

Additionally, you can buy the "Pokeball Plus" accessory to act as an additional "Joy-con" controller for your Switch to capture Pokemon. Then load a Pokemon into your pokeball, and take it out on the go.

From there, with the accessory, you'll be able to interact with the Pokemon you have inside. Although current information doesn't offer whether we'll have more options than putting Eevee or Pikachu in the Pokeball Plus, the footage seen in the linked trailer is absolutely adorable.

The game itself seems to be a remake of Pokemon Yellow, a game released twenty years ago for the Game Boy Color. You explore the Kanto Pokemon region, and seem to be limited to the 150 Pokemon available when that game was out (Well, 151, if you were lucky, or good at exploiting glitches). But these games ditch the random encounters of mainline Pokemon games and adopt the overworld encounters of Pokemon Go. What Pokemon you see on the overworld is what you get.

Copyright the Pokemon Company. All rights reserved

Additionally, Pokemon can follow you around and you can ride some of them. In footage, we see a trainer riding a giant Onyx (i.e., a giant snake made out of rocks. Who wouldn't be comfortable riding on that?) and followed by a starting Pokemon, Bulbasaur. Although in these two games, you start instead with the series mascot Pikachu, and the evolution Pokemon Eevee, which can evolve into several different pokemon. You can also put little outfits on them. Which is - frankly -- incredible.

Likewise, this seems to have local multiplayer. Hand the left Joy-con to a friend and let them enter your game. Or if you're feeling really lonely, put the left Joy-con in your hand and pretend you have a friend while controlling the new trainer that arrives. What a fun time!

You and your friend can then team up to capture Pokemon together, or go exploring together- And you can have Pokemon you capture in Pokemon Go (of the original 151 Pokemon) arrive in your game. You can also send "Presents" back to your Pokemon Go game, including a possible new form of Pokemon as the trailer discusses.

Copyright the Pokemon Company. All rights reserved

"Pokemon -- Let's Go, Pikachu !" and "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Eevee !" will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch this November. Likewise, a new Pokemon game will be released in the second Half of 2019. With a Mario movie in development and theme park additions on the way, it's sure to be a busy year for Nintendo. 


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