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The Story-Time Collection -- The Stories Live On!

The Story-Time Collection -- The Stories Live On!

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Well, here I am writing about what could be another "changing of the guard" in the Disney collectible world. You may be familiar with the Robert Olszewski "Story-Time Collection". These small but very detailed recreations of the Disney characters appear in many favorite scenes from classic Disney films including "Peter Pan", "Pinocchio", "Winnie the Pooh", "Dumbo", "Sleeping Beauty", "Beauty and The Beast", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves", "Cinderella" and "Bambi" -- to name only a few. This collection was cast in pewter with the detail then hand painted. They all have a brass plate on the bottom with the edition size and DC number.

The collection included a book for each story and postcards with the scene from the film that the particular figure appeared in. You could create a miniature version of your favorite Disney classic film.

Last year, we learned that this artist was ill, and that it was possible that the line would not see any further additions. This was a sad time for the fans of his work. Rumors ran the gamut from the line being ended to being sold to parties unknown with an uncertain future. Finally, it was announced that there would be a final edition of five pieces to complete this popular product line.

Well, I am please to share with you that the Story-Time Collection will go on, under a new license with the Harmony Ball Company. Since this change-over was announced, I was fortunate to meet with them and discussed the line at length. It was refreshing to hear that they wanted to know of our concerns about the future of this product line.

The changes that have taken place to this point have been well conceived. The first challenges are out of the way, and a new series of pieces has been produced - as seen in the examples below. The logo has been brightened a bit but the boxes have been kept as they were. Harmony Ball will be adding to as well as replacing the cards that may be missing from many of our books.

This company is well known for their " Harmony Kingdom" boxes; produced in crushed marble - all with a hidden treasure inside. Unlike some new licensees, they are not unknown to the market or to collectors. Many of you, like myself, may have some of these boxes produced for specifically Disney by the Harmony Ball Company in limited editions for the Disneyana Conventions, theme parks, The Disney Store and Disney Auctions.

With all of the changes going on to the many lines of Disney collectibles in the last year, this was one which we certainly had questions about. As a collector, I am looking forward to adding many of these to the ones I currently enjoy. As a retailer, I am happy to be able to offer these new and exciting pieces, as well as allowing you to complete some of the earlier series you might have missed.

Harmony Ball is dedicated to continuing the fine traditions of this line. Robert Olszewski will be continuing to produce more of our favorites with their support.

I have noticed that when customers see the new display case Harmony Ball has provided, they are delighted to see these pieces shown in scenes from their respective films. Those that are already collectors are please to find new pieces. Others, new to this collectible, are drawn to them. This attraction can be traced to Robert's previous work in other product lines. These have included the WDCC miniatures, "The Enchanted Places", the Goebels and now - his reproductions of Disneyland in miniature! Many people have commented on how much the detail of those makes it almost like being there. The first three were released specifically at the Park with Robert on hand to sign them. Another piece in this series is coming later in the year.

This wonderful artist has given us a Disney collection to treasure. Truly it is one that allows you to bring your favorite movies and story scenes home for enjoyment. So, with another "changing of the guard", Harmony Ball promises to bring more exciting and wonderful additions to the "Story-Time" collection of Robert Olszewski.

Cindy Russell is the owner of "Where The Magic Begins", a full-service Disney collectibles store in Livermore, California. Feel from to drop her a note with any questions you might have about this or any other Disney collectible. Who knows? It might end up the subject of a future JHM column.

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