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New for 2005 Walt Disney Classics - 1st Quarter Releases

New for 2005 Walt Disney Classics - 1st Quarter Releases

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Well, here we are with the first year with Enesco at the helm of the Walt Disney Classics line. It certainly appears the promises made have been kept. And based on what I have to share with you today, it looks like another great year!

Many long time members have renewed their Club Kits. The Members- Only pieces for 2004 did very well, including the Witch’s Cauldron, Sir Hiss, and Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. The Witch’s Cauldron is no longer available to the dealers but some may still have one or two on hand. New collectors joined with the Bambi and Thumper pieces. These Kits are still available through December. The Spring Event piece Jessica was a smash hit. The Fall Event piece Donald Duck was of course a big hit, with Donald in his true angry self.

The 2005 year offers some more great ones. Beginning with the Club Kit, Belle at the Fountain and the companion piece is a sheep. They will be available in December for Christmas. This would go great with the Fountain piece from last years Spring Event.

Bookish Belle
Kit Price $50.00
Curious Companion Sheep $35.00


January offers the M.O.P. 3 rd in the Dreams and Magic series - Legend of The Lamp
This will go well with the Jasmine, Rajah, and Sultan available now.
Price $199.00


The 2 nd is the 1 st M.O.P. from Small World the Series Sea Blossom.


Then comes Maurice from Beauty and the Beast
entitled “Is Someone There?”
Price $175.00



For the Villain lovers comes The Evil Queen entitled “Who is The Fairest of Them All?” This will go with the Spring Event piece listed below so don’t miss her.
Price $150.00

The Small World Series has two new releases The Ireland Boy and The Thailand Girl. Also, some new companion pieces for the Venice Boy the Poles of the waterways. The Egyptian Girl has the Sphinx and The Holland Set has a Windmill the accessories retail for $29.00. With the Flagship and the Clock from this year this set is really something to enjoy collecting you can recreate this favorite Disney attraction.


Price $99.00
Price $99.00

There are also a couple of new items first a Lumiere Candle (5 inches tall) that retails for $8.00 and a pin to match the Maurice piece that retails for $6.50. This is a nice surprise to see some special items like in the days of buttons, posters and pins. I hope this is a sign of more to come of little collectibles.


February starts with the Disney Princess that is dear to me, a Cinderella 4-piece set.


Cinderella “Thank You so much!” Price-$175.00

Dress Mannequin with Sewing Book. Price $99.00
Mice in The Sewing Basket Price-$150.00
Lucifer Catnap Interrupted Price $75.00

Three single pieces are arriving include a well-loved Cricket, A Sweetheart of a Mouse and a Favorite Alien. They all come with model sheets.


A Little Whistle Price $ 99.00

Price $99.00
Dress Mannequin with Sewing Book. Price $99.00

March Spring Event Magic Mirror


March brings us to the Spring Event the 18 th for Villain lovers. It’s the Magic Mirror entitled “What Would Thou Like to Know, My Queen?” The mirror has a metal frame, jewels, and is a hologram. This is limited to 5000 pieces

Price $150.00

Then some of your favorite toys are back. This year being the 10th anniversary of Toy Story, Stinky Pete and Woody they would go great with the Woody’s Round-Up Record Player with Jessie and Bullseye.

Stinky Pete -- Mint in the Box (comes in a box as seen in the movie) Price $150.00
Woody -- Oh Wow Look at Me Price $150.00

There is also a special Villain’s piece on the way this quarter. From Beauty and the Beast, Gaston (in a chair sitting on a bear rug). No image is available yet. This will be a must have after how well the last Gaston did.

Finally, here is one more piece I know you will be waiting to see. It is everyone’s favorite Pixie. This piece will have in one of the most popular scenes from Peter Pan with Tink trapped in the lantern. I will share both of those images as soon as I get them.

Well the 1 st quarter releases look pretty good. I don’t know about you but I am starting to save my money now. With the 2005 year of WDCC, I see lots of happy collectors. The Magic Lives on!

Cindy Russell is the owner of " Where The Magic Begins", a full-service Disney collectibles store in Livermore, California. Feel from to drop her a note with any questions you might have about this or any other Disney collectible. Who knows? It might end up the subject of a future JHM column.

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