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  • Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Podcast

    Fine Tooning With Drew Taylor Episode 46: Remembering Russi Taylor

  • Alice Hill

    "Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion" game coming this summer

    "C'mon on, grab your friends ... " A new Adventure Time game is coming out across multiple platforms. Copyright Cartoon Network / Outright Games Ltd. All rights reserved In this open world game, Finn and Jake will be sailing on a raft (Named Jeff) through the flooded land of Ooo to solve the mystery of why water engulfed their home and to help others & get in hijinks along the way. With a ragtag gang of friends (From a vampire, to an Ice King, to a little robot) Finn and Jake will...
  • Alice Hill

    Do you like treasure hunting and/or cooking soup? Then Pokemon Quest is the game for you

    Immediately after the Pokemon press conference on May 29th, the mobile-switch cross platform game Pokemon Quest was available to download on the Nintendo eShop (with the mobile device version debuting later this month). Curious about the 'Free-to-Start' game, I snagged a download and started playing. Copyright 2018 Nintendo. All rights reserved Pokemon Quest is a game that feels best letting itself auto-run. You check in several times a day to see what Pokemon have appeared at your camp ...
  • Alice Hill

    “Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Pikachu !” & “Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Eevee !” to come to the Nintendo Switch this year

    During a conference in Japan earlier this week, the Pokemon Company revealed three new games : A mobile and Nintendo Switch cross platform game, "Pokemon Quest," with graphics similar to Crossy Road and some absolutely adorable furniture in a "free to start" format; and for the Nintendo Switch, "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Pikachu !" and "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Eevee !" Taking inspiration from gameplay styles from the popular "Pokemon Go" for mobile...
  • Alice Hill

    Pokemon Stream used to reveal several new projects that Nintendo now has in the works

    Earlier this week, at 7 am Pacific, Nintendo held an abnormally short Nintendo Direct- a typically bi or tri-annual stream used to reveal new projects and updates on projects to fans. This direct was focused on Pokemon, and had plenty of anticipation building around it despite the announced run time of eight minutes. With leaks from information datamined (gained from hacking into the files for) the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, a 'Pokemon Stars' game was anticipated, some even speculating that...
  • Alice Hill

    Donut-themed "Scramble" event adds a hole ... er ... whole lot of fun to "Yokai Watch: Wibble Wobble"

    If you have a child that watches cartoons, or you enjoy watching cartoons yourself, you're probably pretty aware of Yokai Watch . In fact, if you have any interest in entertainment in Japan, you probably have, at least, a vague idea of what Yokai Watch is- I've already covered the series multiple times, and have written about the game I'm about to cover, but here's the brief version of it: There are collectible monsters you have to use a watch to find. There are hundreds of the adorable...
  • Alice Hill

    Death Comes to Pokemon: Finding usefulness in the series' most useless creature

    Unless you've been living under a rock, or in space (or inside of a rock that's in space that isn't Our Rock In Space), you probably know what Pokemon is. If you don't ... wow! I'll keep it brief: Pokemon is about over 750 collectible little creatures. But an app that's been released earlier in May is focused on a very, very special Pokemon. The wonderfully useless Magikarp: A fish Pokemon that is known for being extremely weak and having the 'splash' attack, which...
  • Alice Hill

    "Yo-Kai Wib Wob" mobile game initially charming, but quickly gets repetitive

    "Yo-Kai Watch" is a series that I worried would never catch on in America. The series rocked Japan, with over 1.33 million units of the first game sold over there, over ten games (including apps and spin-offs), and Yo-Kai tokens featuring characters from the series that had people lining up for hours to get. The character designs in this adorable, fun, ghost-driven game were irresistible, adorable, and sometimes completely repulsive in the most fantastic way. But luckily enough, "Yo...
  • Alice Hill

    "Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming" app features beautiful design, challenging gameplay

    The long-awaited sequel to "Finding Nemo" arrives in theaters in little more than a week. To help raise awareness of this highly-anticipated Pixar Animation Studios production, Disney Digital Books and Seven2 have released the "Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming" app. Which is a fun, interesting storytelling experience geared towards kids that's jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Copyright Disney Pixar. All rights reserved Using your finger, the player guides the world's most famous...
  • Alice Hill

    "Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls" coming to America

    If you've been watching Disney XD lately OR If you've been in a Target , a Walmart , a Hot Topic OR anywhere that sells video games ... Heck, if you've been around a group of kids lately, chances are you've heard of Yo-Kai Watch . Initially released in Japan by Level-5 in 2013, just last year the first of Yo-Kai Watch games were translated and brought over for American audiences. In Japan, the game was a huge, bombastic hit. And why not? The creatures within the game were based on...
  • Alice Hill

    Mysterious world of "Tomorrowland" recreated in gorgeous Minecraft map

    You have to give the folks at Walt Disney Pictures credit. Because when it came to getting word out about " Tomorrowland ," they certainly didn't go by the standard summer blockbuster promotional playbook. If you think back to February of 2013 when photos of that mysterious "1952" box first popped up online ... Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved ... or that alternate reality game, "The Optimist," which Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney...
  • Alice Hill

    "Great Stanmobile Escape" allows gamers to relive "Gravity Falls" Season 2 finale

    Remember a few weeks back when Google had the 155th Anniversary of The Pony Express, and had that adorable game involving collecting letters while riding a horse? Were you like: Gee, this sure is a great game. But I wish I was playing as Grunkle Stan mowing over government agents instead of delivering mail. Well friend, have I got a game for you! The Great Stanmobile Escape is a flash game on the Disney site very, very, VERY loosely based on the last aired episode of " Gravity Falls ."...
  • Alice Hill

    "Attack The Light: Steven Universe RPG" is another gorgeous, fun game from Cartoon Network

    If you're fam iliar with " Steven Universe ," a show running on Cartoon Network right now detailing the life of a young half-alien boy being raised by three alien mentors, you're likely very familiar with how absolutely gorgeous the show is, and how sweet and hilarious the writing is. Okay, maybe that's biased. I'm a big, big fan of the show. Copyright 2015 Cartoon Network. All rights reserved So when I heard "Steven Universe" was getting another game, I was ....
  • Leo N. Holzer

    Adam Shell & Nicholas Kraft traveled from Disneyland to Detroit "Pursuing Happiness"

    Pursuing happiness. that's a universal quest for people around the United States and around the world. Who doesn't want to live a meaningful, happy life? But what exactly is happiness? Documentary filmmaker Adam Shell and producer Nicholas Kraft decided to investigate the subject a short time after Shell completed an earlier documentary, "Finding Kraftland," that featured Nicolas Kraft and his father, Richard Kraft , a major globetrotting Disney collector, music fan and pop culture...
  • Leo N. Holzer

    Bob Iger talks up "Star Wars" franchise & "Frozen" sequel at Disney's annual shareholders meeting

    When Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger took the stage Thursday at The Walt Disney Company's annual shareholders meeting in San Francisco, he was surrounded by smiling faces - from the toe-tapping, grinning Mickey Mouse on his new iWatch to nearly all of the 800-plus people gathered at The Palace of Fine Arts. Iger said the iWatch "is going to be in the market real soon and I just have the idea that it's going to be a big hit. I have an original Mickey Mouse watch from the 1930s and I usually...
  • Roger Colton

    "Walt's Trains - I Have Always Loved Railroading" exhibit opens at the Walt Disney Family Museum

    When one thinks of Walt Disney, naturally you often think of the many great projects that were produced by the company that bears his name. Movies or theme parks, for example. But there is another side of the man that often tends to be overlooked. That of what he did to relax. The things he enjoyed to divert his focus away from the pressures of managing those many projects. The Walt Disney Family Museum has opened a wonderful new exhibition that takes guests for a look at some of those diversions...

    Where to stay in Orlando Based on Customer Ratings: Disney Owned Hotels vs Non Disney Hotels

    This duo is immortalized in a small bronze statue in the center of the park, on the circle at the end of Main Street U.S.A. directly in front of Cinderella Castle. © Disney, All Rights Reserved, Disney Parks & Travel Are you trying to decide where to stay for your next Disney World vacation? As you probably already know you have a lot of different options, there are literally thousands of hotels, vacation homes, and timeshare resorts to choose from. I recently did a study on guest satisfaction...
  • Leo N. Holzer

    WDFM fifth anniversary, Diane's "book" could become a never-ending story

    Today marks the fifth anniversary of the public opening of The Walt Disney Family Museum at The Presidio of San Francisco. And, while the museum gears up for a full year of special events, including today's extended hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., I thought it was appropriate to review the museum's past, look ahead a bit and honor the museum's co-founder, Walt's daughter Diane Disney Miller, who died Nov. 19, less than a month away from her 80th birthday. Tributes to Diane Miller from...
  • Leo N. Holzer

    Walt Disney Family Museum to host special screening of Andy & Sara Neitzert's "Marceline" documentary

    "I'm glad I'm a small town boy and I'm glad Marceline was my town" -- Walt Disney, Sept. 2, 1938. What made Marceline, Missouri, so important in the life of Walt Disney? Born Dec. 5, 1901 in the family's home in Chicago, Walt was a few months shy of his fifth birthday when his family moved to a farm near Marceline. The family only spent about five years in the small town, but they were formative years for the future entertainment icon and world traveler. The Walt Disney...
  • Alice Hill

    When it comes to creating Aquabats merch for SDCC, Toddland always goes "with the most fun & crazy idea"

    If you're a regular reader of JHM, then you might already be familiar with The Aquabats . A band of five spandex-wearing middle-aged men who live out of a van and travel the land to fight crime, sing songs & stuff. And, if you're an Adventure Time , Yo Gabba Gabba , or just a cute-and-cool-things-in-general fan, then you're most likely already familiar with Toddland Started in 2009 by " ... a few friends that liked rad stuff, and wanted to make rad stuff to give to our friends...
  • Roger Colton

    Disneyland Prices and the Beginning of the End?

    Ah, yes... the inevitable annual price increases at Disneyland . As the modern era of stockholder value demands that double digit profits continue, who can be truly surprised when these come along? But, wait! There is a bit of a wrinkle this year. Those wily folks in the offices at Disney have decided to suspend the sales of the Southern California Annual Pass . Depending upon who spins the tale out here in the blogosphere on the Net, this can be read as a simple adjustment or the oncoming rush of...

    Disney Cruise Line Returning to Hawaii, West Coast and Galveston in 2015

    Popular destinations and home ports return for limited-time engagements CELEBRATION, Fla. (May 19, 2014) – In the fall of 2015, Disney Cruise Line is returning to popular destinations and home ports for limited-time engagements. Two Hawaii cruises, a return to the West Coast with departures from San Diego and a Galveston, Texas homecoming make up a season of special sailings. Bookings open to the public on May 21, 2014. More details on 2015 itineraries can be found on the Itineraries and Ports...

    New Castaway Cay Challenge Added To 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (May 14, 2014) - Runners taking part in the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend can add the ultimate finish to their experience - the new Disney Castaway Cay Challenge, a joint venture by run Disney and Disney Cruise Line. After competing in the 5K, 10K, half marathon and/or full marathon during the Disney Marathon Weekend (January 7-11), runners can compete Jan. 14 in the Disney Castaway Cay Challenge, a special 5K race on Disney Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line's...
  • Leo N. Holzer

    The Museum Store at the Walt Disney Family Museum has a terrific selection for Mother's Day (or any day of the week)

    So, are you looking for something special to give a beloved someone who also happens to be a Disney fan? How about something for yourself? Well, the Walt Disney Family Museum has several exclusive items sure to "charm" most Disney fans or collectors. The Museum Store welcomes phone orders, which can be made Wednesdays through Mondays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific by calling (415) 345-6859 . (Weekdays before noon is the best time to call). Items are shipped in USPS Priority Flat Rate...
  • Alice Hill

    "Steven Universe" app does a beautiful job of matching the distinctive mood & look of this Cartoon Network series

    I've always been a fan of Rebecca Sugar 's stuff. Especially the storyboards & sketches that Rebecca did for " Adventure Time ." Her drawings always had so much charm and beauty to them. And her songs are so sweet and emotional. Rebecca Sugar and her ukulele at Comic-Con Which is why I was overjoyed when I saw the pilot for Sugar's new show, " Steven Universe ." And when this series finally began airing on the Cartoon Network last November, I was over the moon...
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