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Ruminations Extra - A "Mouse-cellaneous" Update

Ruminations Extra - A "Mouse-cellaneous" Update

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Gone Fishing? Well, that's what we're off to do today!
Fishing for information, that is...

One of the pleasures of an extended visit to Disneyland is the opportunity to just walk along and take it all in at a leisurely pace. That's not to say that there isn't something invigorating about a quick-paced visit to the Park. But there are a lot of great little things you might miss, now and then; such as the sign above located along the stretch of California's Highway 49 across from the Grizzly River Run attraction. Or this sign on the wall across from the queue area for the Hyperion Theater.

A while back, I was looking to add some images to a story, only to find that I actually had very little to choose from. So with that in mind, I made liberal use of the digital camera and the laptop on this recent visit. Ah, the miracles of modern technology... However, that came with a small bit of peril as Michele and my mother never knew when I would be stopping to snap a view of something that caught my eye. Like this!

Walt and Mickey surrounded by colorful trees in bloom... Allergies ahoy!

Now among the various projects underway at Disneyland has been some work to the Disneyland Railroad. Guests were greeted by signs like the one below at the various stations.

That did not, however, mean that trains were not out and making trips around the Park. On Sunday the 13th, I distinctly heard the sound of the train at various locations. On Monday, I spotted the #3, "Fred Gurley" and train (check the book for the full name of this consist) arriving at the Main Street Station as we entered the Park. Over the next two days, this consist was seen at various locations around the railroad. Of particular interest was this unique view on the afternoon of the 16th with just the locomotive (the technical term is "running light engine") stopped on the platform at the Main Street Station. In all my years of visiting Disneyland, I have never seen a steam locomotive out on stage without a train behind it. So this was a rare view indeed!

Train! Where's the train?

Now being mid-week, and a healthy crowd in the Park (and the railroad not available to passengers), it was nice to see the full fleet of Main Street vehicles providing transportation between Town Square and the Hub. So much so, that we managed to ride each and every one - all in the same day! The Horseless Carriage (no, I didn't get to drive down Main Street... yet), the Fire Engine, The Omnibus and the Horse-drawn Streetcars. Here are views of them from that busy, back-and-forth (or so it seemed) day!

Steve and the Fire Engine

Horse and Horseless Carriage?

Barney sez "Howdy!"

While we're on Main Street, remember Jim's recent look at the proposed but never built Edison Square and International Street? For a while, there was a series of displays built into a temporary wall that offered a glimpse into the future for guests to see what was in store for a future visit. Well, while those projects never were completed at the Park, that temporary wall still stands today. Here's a view of it!

Finishing up this Extra, here are some views from around the Resort that just deserve to be shared!

Ah, the famed Jungle Cruise "Mother-In-Law" Special!
Half way for half fare...

Ah, two young sailors at the helm of the proud sailing ship Columbia!

For everyone who is always looking for the Scuttlebutt...
There it is! Safe and below deck aboard the Columbia.

Something new on a Pin cart? Golden Mouse Ears on Sale!


And to fade off into the sunset with this Extra:

The rear of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at dusk...


In the next Ruminations Extra: A look at Disney Characters in the Parks!

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