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Ruminations: Your Disney Dining Favorites

Ruminations: Your Disney Dining Favorites

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First off, no. You don't need to check your calendar to see what day of the week it is. We are trying out some adjustments for a few weeks. So after bringing you tales on Fridays for a few years, welcome to Thursday! Now on to the column...


From the volume of your e-mails and posts to the JHM Message Boards, it is very clear that you all really like your Disney meals. And there are as many favorites as there are choices available. I am sure that this makes the Disney chefs happy as they go above and beyond to provide just what you want to eat, every day! It was also nice to see that you also enjoyed many of the same places I have over the years.

Where to begin with the sharing your choices? There was a wide variety of locations you prefer from theme parks to hotels to other venues including the Disney Cruise Line, Downtown Disney, the Disney Marketplace and even Celebration.

This week, I think we will concentrate on the snack side of the coin. (And no thanks, I am still churro free.) Surprisingly, no one mentioned turkey legs. Oh well, times change.

Jennifer1013 was only one of many of you to share this particular love. "It's all about the Pineapple Whip. Yep... hands down - the Pineapple Whip at the Tiki Room is the BEST!!! I'll eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. HA!" Hmmm, now for breakfast? Something I'll have to think about on the trip in October.

SoCalJebster, I am told that you can still pick up a version of your favorite snack inside the French Market or at the Royal Street Veranda. "The absolute BEST treat at Disneyland were the fritters with the apple custard filling that they used to sell in New Orleans Square (to the right of the Pirates queue). I keep wishing that they will bring them back. Used to be a tradition of mine to buy one before watching Fantasmic." Way back when the fritters were larger in size. When they switched to the trio of smaller fritters, they started offering the fruit dipping sauce to go along with them. Tasty still!

Jenny Tablina takes us east: "For WDW I loved the Funnel Cake you can get in Epcot and the ice-cream floater drinks you could get at various stands in the parks. I seem to remember liking the Chinese sweet and sour from the China pavilion."

Dweck added another treat at DWD. " But I think my favorite delight in eating at WDWD is... MICKEY POPS. Those three-circle ice cream treats covered in thick-plated chocolate Oh, when we were there in 2003, we'd have one every afternoon at around 2 pm, when the heat was stifling and we were looking for a sugar boost. I know a dozen other companies make this treat (Dove, for example) but they all pale in comparison to Disney's..."

MrZeebub loves "to start the day at Disney-MGM at Starring Rolls with an over-buttered croissant, a Danish or cheesecake brownie, and feeding crumbs to the birds..."

Meanwhile, direct from my e-mail in box...

Jim Weir shared that he "always has to have a Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich while waiting to see Fantasmic."

Frank seemed to have a particularly interesting thought about food and Disney. "A hankering for a specific food item at Disneyland, to me, seems so difficult to narrow down to one thing every time. Yes, the Dole pineapple whips are always inviting, but sometimes so is a slice of pizza from Redd Rockets, or even a silly old hamburger from Country Bear or Tomorrowland. To me, it's all about something that enhances my experience in the park more than whether the food is absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread. With pizzas and hamburgers on my mind, I'm no fancy connoisseur of fine dining. For a time, my "must have" that I always looked forward to was a jambalaya bread bowl as I'm waiting two hours saving my space for "Fantasmic!" Well, these days, it's a corn dog and lemonade from the Little Red Wagon cart near the Central Hub as I relax a couple hours before the start of "Remember..." when day turns to night. Not the greatest food in the world, just feel good food for a feel good experience. And it's great."

Well, I don't know about the rest of you out there, but that pretty much describes dining at Disney for me. There seems to be something for everyone and for every taste, especially when it comes to snacks. "Yumola!"

I have plenty more to share in the next few weeks, but you can always add more of your favorites by dropping me a note or using the JHM Message Boards!

Next Thursday? Ever wanted to enjoy more of the music performed live at Disneyland? Check back as Roger shares some information on just how you can!

And on the menu in the coming weeks...More of your Disney Dining favorites: Focusing on Restaurant Meals, Special Moments,and Places You Will Never Eat At Again!

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